Clean Sport

Clean Sport

Servicing the Mansfield-Mt Buller Stirling area of northeastern Victoria

CleanSport utilises the Esporta Wash system which is clinically proven to remove contaminants and ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety.

CleanSport can restore all horse and riding gear, including saddles & tack
• Waterproofing available
• Discount on bulk, team or club lots
• Pick-up and delivery available
• Fire, water, mould & sewage affected contents cleaned back to food grade clean

Horse rug cleaning:
We will take care of your summer and winter combos and rugs.
Regular cleaning and sanitizing equestrian equipment is important to the health of horse and rider.
Cleaning, sanitizing, waterproofing your rug
Before and after Cleansport treatment

beforeafterBefore and after Cleansport treatment

Cleansport can also restore:

• All sports gear
• All cricket gear including helmets; sports uniforms & team jumpers
• All schools sports equipment
• All ski gear, including boots, helmets & gloves
• Boat tarps, marine gear
• Camping gear, swags, tents
• Childcare & kindergarten soft contents
• Commercial laundry

• Dancing uniforms
• Dog beds
• Emergency services, CFA, SES &
Ambulance (certified cleaners)
• Insurance claims
• Mascots, unusual stuff
• Outdoor education clothing & gear
• Outdoor seats covers & cushions

Esporta certified operator
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