Mansfield Backhoe & Excavation Hire

Mansfield Backhoe & Excavation Hire

See Mansfield Plumbing and Mansfield Hot n Cold for more of our one-stop plumbing and gas services.

Whether you are building or re-building, renovating or irrigating, Mansfield Backhoe and Excavator Hire is well equipped to help you with those heavy duty projects.

For any job requiring real machinery muscle
• selective clearing
• site clearing and preparation
• trenches and sumps
• water pipe installation
• water mains
• sewer pipe laying
• septic tank installation
• house sites or shed sites
• pool and cellar excavation
• burying dead livestock

Specialised equipment to help make that tough job easier

• backhoe
• 2 excavators, including mini post hole borer
• small rock breaker
• Jetblaster Drain Cleaner
• drain camera
• Orega hole borer (various sizes)
• small Isuzi tip truck

One-stop plumbing and gas services, in combination with Mansfield Plumbing and Mansfield Hot n Cold.

About Us

Mansfield Plumbing currently hires 15 – 20 staff, including licensed plumbers, apprentices, administration and retail staff.