Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster Recovery Service

Water Damage Recovery, Mansfield Victoria

Servicing Mansfield, Mt Buller and alpine areas, north east Vic
for water damage disasters due to:
• Snow storms/blizzard, frozen pipes bursting
• Leaking radiators/heating systems
… all sort of reasons

We offer
• Fast 24/7 onsite disaster recovery response for floods, sewage or mould events
• Property water damage recovery in Alpine areas.
• Assisting in rectifying damage to furniture, roofing, walls or flooring caused by leaking water from a variety of sources
• Specialty drying equipment for building and contents, with fast and deep water extraction
• Dryers and dehumidifiers maximizing the removal of water in carpets, and minimizing migration of water
• Mt Buller 24/7 winter access

Water Damage Recovery is the preferred contractor for insurance restoration and clean ups.
See our website for more details about our services and what to do in an emergency.

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