Landscaping by JJ

Landscaping by JJ

• Rock and stone features, decorative and practical
• Paving areas of all sizes for work and recreation
• Landscape design and planting, poolscapes
• Irrigation systems
For residential, domestic, commercial and industrial situations, Mansfield area, north east Victoria and beyond.

Rock and stone features
Local and sourced stone is used for
feature rock and stonework,
retainer walls, steps and garden beds, paths –
highlighting garden and access areas.

Stone, brick and cement paving for outdoor play and relaxation areas.
We create fabulous paths, patios, entertainment terraces, driveways and grand entrances.

For low maintenance and increased accessibility, as well as aesthetic value.

Poolscape, landscape… escape

Water features and irrigation systems,
poolscapes, pool surrounds, large area settings, courtyards – to enhance and compliment beautified corners…
… a special place to retreat to.