Loyola Jewels

Loyola Jewels

Mansfield’s best fashion and giftware collection

an all-in-one gift shop.

See our large range of elegant fashion accessories and gifts to suit all occasions.

Here’s the brands to look out for!

  • Designer brands
    Spencer and Rutherford, Etiquette, Cellini, Luisa Clare, Villa Mondo
  • Jewellery brands
    Franck Herval, Nature Bijoux, Taratata, Catch Coeur, Fabienne, LillyCo
  • Handbag brands
    B Sirius, Missy Mao Mao, Cellini, Cadelle Leather, Pratten, Willow & Zac, Conti Moda
    Etiquette, Holy Riva, Red Letter Club
  • Candles brands
    Glass House, Ecoya, Woodwick, Mor, Peppermint Grove, Sohum

Wide variety of products are also available such as :

  • Leather goods – handbags, wallets and gloves by Australian and overseas designers
  • Italian, French and Australian fashion jewellery
    (Nest of Pambula), and a small selection of semi-precious and sterling silver jewellery
  • Homeware – china and ceramics
    – French china Marche de FLeur
  • Skincare creams and soaps
    – Australian made hand cream Say It With Scents
    – English soaps
  • Hats, fascinators and gloves
  • Scarves – Pashmina, Angora, silk.
  • Ladies fashion – One Season clothing
    …and so much more.