Mansfield North East Packaging Solutions

Mansfield North East Packaging Solutions

Industrial grade Packaging – Hospitality Necessities – Paper Products
Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals – Specialty Products

North East Packaging SolutionsA huge range of hospitality, cleaning, paper, packaging and specialised products – commercial, industrial and domestic grade – for homes and businesses in the Mansfield area, north east Victoria.

Industrial Packaging: Adhesive tapes of all types and strength, tape dispensers, packing materials such as bubble wrap, cartons, boxes, plastic bags, pallet wrap, heat sealers and sealing plastic.

Hospitality: Everything to do with food service
chef wear, cookware, crockery; bake ware, food storage and wrapping products, containers and dishes for presentation and packaging – ceramic, plastic, wooden, cardboard.

Paper products: Wrapping paper, paper bags, carrier bags, serviettes, party requirements, you name it.

Cleaning: Powerful detergents, sanitisers, stain removers, disinfectants as well as the equipment to apply them, wipe up the mess and throw out the rubbish.

Come and talk to us about your requirements for your business or industry, however specialised.

Serving Mansfield area’s residents, businesses, food processors, wineries, primary producers and catering and hospitality industries.