Mansfield Poodle & Co

Mansfield Poodle & Co

We offer your pet …
washing – grooming – clipping
brushing – detangling – nail and claw clipping –
ear and eye cleaning –
treatments against fleas and other pests
… and many other services and treatments

Dog and cat grooming is not just about the way your pet looks, it’s also about their health and the way they feel.

5 benefits of pet grooming

• Saves your furniture from hair and dander
• Makes your pet more comfortable – trim claws, matted hair removed, ears / eyes cleaned
• Protects your family’s health – possible identification of parasitic infestations
• May detect early signs of illness – early detection and treatment can usually lead to better recovery outcomes
• Makes your pet more enjoyable to cuddle

A groomer creates a clean, soft, sweet-smelling companion.

We don’t really do this

Poodle and Co.- professional pet groomer
based in Mansfield, in the High Country of north-east Victoria, Australia.