Mansfield Resonate Healing

Mansfield Resonate Healing

Energy Healing – Hahnemann Healing – Spiritual Counselling – Natural Therapy

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Clearing the way to living true
Allow yourself the potential to lead a more fulfilling life, full of love, peace and growth, with the freedom to become the ‘true self’ you agreed to come into this life to be.

Energy Healing
A specialised form of energy healing, Hahnemann Healing assists in identifying and releasing energetic blockages that can result in physical and emotional illness, arising from issues such as *anxiety * fear *anger * stress *grief * bullying *resentment *guilt *depression *rejection *self-doubt

Spiritual Counselling is a process whereby you are helped to identify the real cause of the issue affecting you, where it began in your life, why it still impacts on you, resulting in negative emotional responses, behaviours or attitudes.

Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest and is aimed at establishing change.

Hahnemann Healing is an invaluable aid in facilitating the process of change initiated through Spiritual Counselling.

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Resonate Healing
– affiliated with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapies)
– a health and lifestyle option based in Mansfield, in the High Country, north-east Victoria,
– qualified practitioner offering natural healing therapy for emotional issues

recognise – understand – resolve – release – establish change – heal – move forward
well being – relief – healing – wellness

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