Mansfield Shire Offices

Mansfield Shire Offices

Our Aim

To work with our community to continue to build a Shire that is recognised for its balanced economic, social, and environmental development that, in turn, acknowledges the diverse needs and values of our communities.

Guiding Principles

In achieving our aim, Council will lead, govern and deliver services and infrastructure which improve the quality of life for our current and future generations by constant reference to the following values:

We will treat everyone with respect, recognising and valuing all viewpoints.

We will work in an open and transparent way, ensuring our processes, decisions and actions are ethical, responsible and honest.

We recognise that there is diversity in the community and will strive to work and direct our resources and services in ways that will result in fair and equitable outcomes for all.

We will accept full responsibility for all that we do, for the way in which we do it and for the outcomes, whether good or bad.

We accept that we are here to serve the community and will ensure that people’s views are heard and acted upon where we have the capacity to do so.