P.I.G. Constructions

P.I.G. Constructions

We do more than just build your ideal sheds — we make it our business to deliver the best structures for your precise needs.

Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of experience, P.I.G. Constructions has the capacity to supply high quality shed kits, and to design, build, and resolve challenges with customised sheds. Mansfield clients can rest assuredthat we have worked on a wide range of projects all over the north east of Victoria — from Alexandria, Seymour and Yea and onto Albury, Wangarrata, and Sheparton.

As proud members of the Building Professionals Board and the Housing Industry Association, you get a guarantee of our commitment to providing only the finest sheds in the market. Whether you need an industrial shed or require a shed kit for your home, P.I.G Constructions can deliver.

What We Offer

We provide you with design concepts suitable for any environment and weather condition—and every single one will meet strict Australian standards. With our shed experts looking after every need for your project, we are able to meet specifications to the letter.

Pick from our design lineup of industrial sheds, built to withstand the most demanding and extreme conditions. Our farm sheds are designed and built according to Australian standards, giving you sufficient space to work in and store items. Our range of residential sheds will provide you with the extra storage and entertainment area you require.

With all of our sheds, we strive to not just keep them functional but also quite attractive.

Stress-Free Shed Construction with P.I.G.

Among our range of extensive services are:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Supply of Materials
  • Shed Construction
  • Concrete Foundation Laying
  • Sourcing of Third-Party Contractors
  • Structure Turnover
  • Permit Application

If permit application is part of the headache that drives your shed construction, we’ll take it off your hands. We can assist and prepare documents needed for Town Planning and Building Permits — so that you have nothing to worry about.

The Easiest Shed Kits to Build

Don’t need a full-on shed construction? We still have what you need.

With our wide range of shed kits, you will find exactly what you are looking for, from residential shed kits for BBQ covers and shelters to agricultural shed kits to house machinery or feed. Our shed kits, just as our customised sheds, make use of the best materials in the market so expect the same kind of durability and performance from the ready-made structure.

We have also designed our shed kits for easy installation. Novice “handymen” can simply go over the instructions and have the shed built in no time at all.

We do more than just build sheds. We design, plan, build, and deliver your dream sheds. From industrial to agricultural to residential, call us today for your shed needs and let us do what we do best.