Farming for Profit

Farming for Profit

Farm Advisory Services

Rural Contracting :

  • Pasture seeding including over sowing
  • Boom spraying
  • Mulching
  • Slashing
  • Discing
  • & slashing services

If you are looking to improve your rural property give Farming For Profit a call to discuss your options & costs.


· Property Assessment
· Whole Farm planning and effective farm layout design
– laneways, fencing, plantations and water management
· Project Management
· Pasture Improvement
· General Property Maintenance – Farm Management Services
· Equipment Hire

Whole farm planning to map improvements such as tree planting, fencing, pasture improvement

Property Assessment – an onsite inspection, and written report detailing:
· Soil test and fertiliser recommendations
· Stock plan
· Fencing layout
· Dam and trough locations
· Tree planting locations – windbreaks, combatting erosion, aesthetic effect, fire safety, shelter belts
· Weed identification and control programme
· 12 month scheduling programme
· Pasture report and plan.
Farm Management services
Machinery operation
General Property maintenance
Equipment Operation and Hire
Tractor – for blade work, discing, ripping, scarifying, slashing and seeding for weed control, pasture restoration, crops, stock.

Before and After examples of our farm advisory services
(developed over a 12 month period)

Before and After examples of our farm advisory services

Farming For Profit – property planning and maintenance,
based in the Mansfield area, in the High Country of north-east Victoria, Australia.

Mansfield in north-eastern Victoria; the all-year-round gateway to the mountains, rivers and lakes
– the waterways of Lake Eildon, the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail and the winter snowfields of Mt Buller Stirling.