Mansfield Spa Retreat

Revitalize. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

Slow down.

In a world of increasing distractions, people seem to have forgotten how to do this.

And though we succeed in doing several things all at once, we don’t really give them the full attention they truly deserve.

Sometimes, what we need to do to be more productive and gain perspective is to take things slow.
The ideal place to do this is somewhere peaceful and quiet like Mansfield Spa Retreat.

With cottages surrounded by four acres of gum trees, gardens and the sound of local bird life, Mansfield Spa Retreat is a place that will help you relax and regain focus.

Each cottage is spacious and self-contained. It features a private veranda, a comfortable sitting room and full kitchen. Each cottage also has its own luxurious double spa and wood fire.

Mansfield Spa Retreat offers four cottages that can sleep one up to seven people. It’s ideal for a couple’s romantic escape or a family getaway.

Located on the edges of Mansfield township, Mansfield Spa Retreat has that private feel while actually being just a short stroll away from the quaint shops, wineries and country pubs of the town.

You can pamper yourself with a wide range of massage and beauty treatment packages as you enjoy the laidback atmosphere and rediscover the joy of doing nothing.

Or you can also choose to go on an adventure if you wish to.

The High Country offers a wide range of activities to keep visitors of all ages interested all year round.

There’s horseback safari, spot fishing, a spectacular helicopter ride, snowboarding and skiing on Mt. Buller, a game of golf. Whether you prefer a leisure activity or a fast-paced, extreme sport, there is always something for everyone.

What’s more convenient is, you can book most of these activities online.

Mansfield Spa Retreat also offers long stay discounts and special rates for long term accommodation.

So if you feel the need to simply stop and find your balance, you can come to us for a retreat. Call Sandra Glue at 0417822886 (mobile), +61 (3) 57751531 or send them an email at [email protected].

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