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Loyola Jewels

Your all-in-one gift shop “Fantastic! Lovely shop owner who is more than helpful…amazing shopping experience and came out with a stunning bag! Lots of great stuff for everyone!” –Kimberley Marsden “Impossible to go into this shop without being blown away by the presentation and wonderful ladies to help. A must visit in Mansfield. I dare you to come out without buying something unique and beautiful!” -Linda Tucker Are you looking for something trendy to wear? Would you like to find unique accessories and sophisticated jewelry to go along with your outfit? Be it a treat for yourself, a souvenir you want to take home or a gift to someone else on any kind of occasion, Loyola Jewels have something for you. With a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags, wallets, fashion accessories, skincare products, leather goods and even home ware items to choose from, you’ll surely find something you’d love. They have so many brands you should check out. For […]

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High Country Tree Services

Going to great heights for your safety! Trees are individuals. They are special, unique. It has its own needs that are completely different from other plants and shrubs. They do more than add a majestic touch to yards and lawns; they absorb pollutants, give shade, block strong winds and noise, cool the air. Trees play a crucial role in the quality of life we live. And like other living things, trees have needs that must be met so they can thrive. Services Offered High Country Tree Services have highly qualified arborists who are trained to help cultivate, manage and care for individual trees. Take a look at some of the services offered by HCTS: Assessment Tree Reports Pruning Airborne Trimming Tree Surgery Tree Removal Stump Removal Mistletoe and Vegetation Removal Powerline Clearance Cable Bracing Land Clearing 24-Hour Emergency Response These are carried out by the best tree-climbing arborists and staff in all of North East Victoria equipped with the latest […]

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